Think of us as your personal team of home modification specialists

"Let us consult with you to develop the right design, then you may leave the rest to us. We will keep you informed every step of the way, so you can stay focused on other priorities."

"Home Modification Victoria has a fantastic team of home modification specialists."

Home Modification Victoria is a service of Architecture & Access (Aust) Pty Ltd, a company focused on creating accessible environments.

Our team is lead by RAIA registered architects, making us amongst the most qualified and regulated professionals in the design and building industry.

Our Home Modification Specialists include projects managers, occupational therapists, building practitioners, interior and landscape designers. Each team member is carefully selected by directors Andrew Sanderson and Chris Porter for their excellent communication and problem-solving skills, technical knowledge and ability to work effectively with people.

Home Modification Victoria maintains a panel of pre-qualified and registered builders and other professionals who are experienced in home modification. Our recommendations for builders, building surveyors, engineers and other professionals are based solely on their professional merits and experience in delivering successful projects.

For you, that means a high level of confidence in our integrity and peace of mind when you engage us to deliver your project.

We bring more than 30 years experience in the creation of safe and accessible homes, buildings and places for people with disability and the wider community. You can expect exceptional value for money, quality workmanship, superior design aesthetics, and compliance with the building code and local planning requirements."

“Home Modification Victoria takes a client-centred approach to each project. This means we focus on the needs, wishes and preferences of the client and their family. We provide a supportive and stress-free service which is very much appreciated by people."

"Our years of experience in home modification means we can quickly assess the modification potential of any existing space and suggest options that will meet everyone’s requirements, functional needs and budget."

“People want a home they can be proud of, but at the same time it must meet their physical and occupational needs.”

“The focus of the occupational therapist in on the person — listening to their circumstances and assessing how the home environment could be modified to match their needs and come up with the best solution. For the person, the solution must be achievable, cost-effective and have a positive outcome.”

What our clients have to say about their experience with us

“Home Modifications Victoria took care of everything from start to finish.”

“The old backyard bungalow I used to live in was about half the size of the bathroom I have my new unit. This is fantastic.”

“Glenn especially loves his bathroom because he can take care of his own showers.”

“The expertise of the Home Modification Victoria staff is in knowing what people such as myself need, in and around the home."

"Before the home modification I had nearly forty hours of carer support, and now I can take care of pretty much everything myself. I've got my life back.

Things really got moving once I got Home Modification Victoria involved."

“The house looks better than it did before, which is something  I never expected.”

"The team at Home Modifications Victoria completed the design, managed the tender, council approval, building permits, engineering consulting and the construction. They took care of everything."

Home Modification Victoria supports your right to choose where and how you want to live, and be involved in decisions that affect you.

Everyone deserves a well designed accessible home.

Design a home modification to suite your needs.