Margie's home modification

Margie's home modification involved extensive changes to the kitchen, ensuite, laundry, doorway widening, the construction of a ramp and stepless thresholds. 

Margie and Home Modification Specialist Aaron Stowe
Margie's Home Modification story is about the restoration of independence and quality of life.

“I built my home 20 years ago. My son lived here until he was married. Now my daughter-in-law and grandson visit. This is my home and I wasn’t going to move.” — Margie

Margie’s home presented significant barriers to her independence, with extensive modification required to the kitchen, ensuite, laundry, internal and external doorways and the construction of a ramp and stepless thresholds.

At the initial consultation, Margie was quite worried about what the house would look like. She was clear about her preferences and very hands-on with the design development and decision-making.

“You have to let people know what is right for you and your independence, and ask as many questions as a you can fire at them,” says Margie. "Aaron from Home Modification Victoria was very knowledgeable about what I might need in and around the home."

Margie’s personal preference was for the location of the ramp to be at the rear of the house for privacy. The height and depth of the kitchen benches were customised to accommodate her height and larger wheelchair. The placement of the toilet and grabrails accommodated her left-sided transfer.

“People are often concerned about the compromises they may have to make when planning their accessible home,” says Home Modification Victoria project manager Aaron Stowe. “Margie, myself and the occupational therapist consulted closely to develop the design plans that were right for the Margie's circumstances and home.”

Upon return to her home Margie felt able to scale back considerably on the hours of formal care she required. In evaluating the success of the home modification in assisting her to achieve her access and occupational goals Margie says, “It's totally changed my life, to be more independent.”

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Margie's home modification helped restore her independence and enjoyment of life.


Before and after

Margie's home presented serious barriers to access and independent living before the home modification.